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A workshop participant recently asked about the art of silence.  In communication, silence can be an effective tool – because people when they have something to say – and sometimes when they don’t – can’t resist filling a silence with something . . . anything. It’s a very human response. Silence is always there and from the moment a mother and baby meet, each wants to fill it with communication. (more…)


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RoSPA – Stress, Management, Communication

Thanks to RoSPA for permission to publish my article on stress, managers and communication skills.

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This princess was different.

She was a brunette beauty with a genius of a brain.

Refusing marriage, she inherited all by primogenesis.

The country’s economy prospered under her rule.

When the handsome prince came by on his white charger, she bought it from him and started her own racehorse business.

(With thanks to Zoe Ellis, quoted by Margaret Parkin in Tales for Trainers, Kogan Page, 2010)

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