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Coach through story!.


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Stories connect. If we connect with the hero of a tale, we are hearing an echo of some challenging situation we may be embroiled in. Prompted by the story, we think what we would do and what we could do. We think about the solutions the hero adopts and accept or reject them. But once the human connection has been established, very, very rarely, do we not engage.


Clients may be helped by story-telling when:

  • They are being called to action by something which has just started or is about to start – a new job, a new relationship
  • They have come to the end of something – an old job, a bad relationship
  • They stand at a crossroads – facing dilemmas and choices
  • They recognise nothing is changing and they would like it to
  • They are making a decision to change – for example, to become fitter, sleeker, more confident. . .


Coaches can use story-telling to help clients:

  • Recognise and if necessary change their habitual ways of thinking. Is, for example, their preference for moving away from difficult situations and people or moving towards them and rising to the challenge?
  • Recognise what motivates them
  • Use their imagination to find answers to ‘What if?’  And ‘What next?’
  • Build a sense of ‘self’ by comparing and contrasting themselves to characters in the tale.


Stories provide memorable lessons and breathtaking clarifications.


And so – we tell stories.


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