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For those who – possibly reluctantly – have to write or speak as part of their work, in Autumn and Winter 2011, Lonely Furrow Company will offer a rolling Continuing Professional Development programme. These will concentrate on special skills required in communication at work – such as story-telling techniques, interview skills, written communication styles and many more.

Lonely Furrow Company Events 

Current Listings:

(All events will take place at The Conservatory, 28 Park West, Heswall, Wirral CH60 9JF unless otherwise stated.)

October 26th 2011 (1pm – 3.30pm) Written Communication Styles  A CPD/Media Coaching workshop (£25)

November 23rd 2011 (1pm – 3.30pm) Body Language – showing not telling  A CPD/Media Coaching workshop (£25)

November 30th 2011 (1pm – 3.30pm) Organisational Story-telling Techniques A CPD workshop (£25)

December 7th 2011 (1pm – 3.30pm) Written Business Commmunications – emails, letters, press releases, articles. A CPD/Media Coaching Workshop (£25)

January 18th 2012 (1pm-3.30pm) Interview Skills A CPD/media coaching workshop. (£25)

Just contact me if you have further questions.


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‘Publish and be damned’ is not the humane approach for the modern memoirist. The lives of the living still have to be lived. And remember – when writing stories about your life, you will also be writing about other peoples’ lives. This can have a major impact on you and them.

Risks include:

  • Legal challenges – someone may be minded to sue
  • Social challenges – if some-one has not yet told his  wife, he is homosexual – and you make no secret of the fact in your published memoirs – you are storing up difficulties for him
  • Physical danger – if you are writing about a friend living in a dangerous setting – such as a country where friendship with you as an American male is unacceptable – ostracism and worse for your friend could result.


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